Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Every Shirt CXXIV: Aura of Aquila

shirt: Aura of Aquila
size: XL (US)
vintage: 2007
provenance: band

The last time I saw Jim (playing with Autumn Above), he gave me guff about this interminable series and why his band's shirt hadn't come up yet. The answer, like to so many others, was that it had happened to get buried, and it would get gotten to eventually. It did, and here it is; much like the band, this shirt got kind of lost in the frame of this project and didn't deserve to. There is a lot of good black metal in New England along all kinds of axes, and Aura of Aquila is a definite and notable part of that, even though they have a thoroughly kvlt attitude towards getting their material distributed and an unfortunate penchant for losing bass players. Hence not playing out as much as people might want them to; this one is from an October gig almost two years ago that may have been one of their more recent live appearances.

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