Thursday, March 22, 2007

goddamnit, no Cynic

Cynic has cancelled their appearance at MDF. Anyone in NE want a pair of MDF tickets? Without Cynic, this fest is no longer worth the ridiculous hotel fee, so I'm probably not going; I don't have a strong interest in enough of the other bands, and though missing Brutal Truth is a bummer, I've already seen Zyklon.

It's too bad that I've already gotten my vacation approved for MDF weekend, because otherwise I would seriously look at rejiggering my flight plans and just bumming around Germany for the downtime between Wacken and Party.San. Next year and following, I may do just that, provided that the weekends still stay consecutive. And if I can do it this year, I may as well; Kreator's headlining Party.San this year, and the ability to see them in a slightly more intimate setting than the '05 mudbowl would be killer.

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