Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bane of Existence with Sin of Angels and Shit Fuck [Skybar, Somerville, 3/11/2007]

The lack of shows recently led to lack of updates, but I needed to get this out now so that it wouldn't logjam the next one and I could do that before I had to go to Texas. More about the whole 'going to Texas' thing at the bottom.

Between leaving late and traffic, I got down to the venue around 8, which was in time to see most of Shit Fuck's set, though not all of it. And unfortunately, this also meant no Chinese food. This was not my day for transportation, but it did include a pretty good show.

Shit Fuck [4/7]
Again, I didn't see all of their set, but I saw a fair bit, and enough to get a fair assessment, I think, of their Motorgrind at this point in their development. Of course, that's not a real genre, but it's a convenient enough way to explain their seriously punk-driven grindcore sound also having its occasional metal moments. It was a pretty good performance, with a relative abundance of covers, but they were all well-performed, and the originals were pretty good as well. While they came off as somewhat loose -- and a little disorganized when Rich was unexpectedly next door getting Chinese and they had to scramble up their own vocals on "Mother May I Come Out And Kill Tonight" -- this isn't really the kind of band that you want to set up and be absolutely serious about what they're doing. It was a decent set with a lot of good music and a fair share of humorous moments -- due to popular demand, they played "Premature Ejaculation" four times in a row -- and despite the lack of energy, it did set the tone well for the rest of the night.

Chris (bass) from this band is also in Volatile, and I think also IWEIPH, and I swear I've seen the guitarist with some other local band. This was a real 'core scene' night in terms of people who came out, which is both good and a shame; good that we have people who are this committed, and a shame because this was a good show that more people would have enjoyed, and it got out well in time for people who didn't get lost to get home in time to go to bed for work.

Sin of Angels [5/7]
Initially, they came off as a fairly even blend of doom and death metal, but as their set went on, it became more clear -- whether from them getting more comfortable with the setting or the sound guy getting them dialed in -- that they were much more doom metal, just played at room-graveling volumes. I've been just outside the minimal lethal distance from the Party Stage bass cabs, so the vibration of everything I had on didn't come close to those waves that come close to physically pushing you around, but this was still a loud, loud fucking set. It was also a really good set, the absolute sonic domination forcing you to really dial in on the music to the exclusion of anything else. It was definitely a cool experience, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them again. Unfortunately, I don't think I can make it down to New Bedford on the 30th for their gig with Godless Rising, despite the awesomeness of that bill.

I also have to see this band again in order to get a CD; I didn't go over and pick one up after their set, and by the time Bane of Existence finished, they were packing up. It sucks, but it's also kind of to be expected, as there were very few people in the building (especially by then) who weren't connected to one of the bands or could otherwise be expected to have all the merch they'd need. I really ought to start doing my part to bring more general public to these things.

Bane of Existence [6/7]
I first heard these guys a couple years ago, while I was still in Germany, and it was cool to finally see them live, especially as they put on a fairly killer set. The most major problems weren't the band's fault, mostly just technical accidents that loosened up the atmosphere a little. Most of them were fixed quickly -- the sound guy this time was on top of everything and really competent overall, putting up some of the best overall sound that I've heard in this place -- letting the band get back to the death metal. When they weren't having issues with the bass cabling, BoE put up an excellent performance of some really well-composed and arranged material, solidly brutal and technical but also verging on the epic in places. Great stuff. If I have all my facts together, the band is currently re-emerging from the effects of some exceptionally weird drama, but they're certainly ready to explode as is, and seeing them on the bill should definitely ought to motivate people to come out to a show like this, even on a Sunday night. They didn't have any gear available after, but they've been around a while, so I should be able to get ahold of some of their recordings by some means.

I left the bar around 10:30, and if all things had gone correctly, I would have been back home shortly after 11. Things did not go according to plan; by virtue of where I parked, I wasn't able to turn around on Somerville Ave, and got lost for a bit until picking up another major road. This road turned out to be Mass Ave/2A, but I didn't find this out until I was nearly out of Arlington. At that point, I should have pressed on to 128, but instead I went back down into town to pick up 90 and go back like normal. The final cost was like half a tank of gas, plus having to pay tolls, but at least I discovered a new path home for normal use...and maybe to get down with as well, avoiding 93 and the Harvard rotary entirely. Dunno if I want to try it next week, though; the lineup for that gig is also truly killer, and I don't want to get stuck missing music like this time.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be going to either Isis gig; both sold out, which is completely not surprising. On the positive side, MPD's new record is in post-production, and according to Kenny is really killer; of course, it's his band and his record, so of course he's going to say that, but from what I've heard, I'm entirely inclined to believe him. There's not the same density of bands on the North Shore as in other parts of E-Mass, but we've still got some good ones.

Regarding Texas, I have to go train some of our field guys next week; unfortunately, due to luggage and time constraints, I probably won't have time to go check out any Dallas local shows. Fortunately, the CNV show at the Skybar Thursday got cancelled; well, it's fortunate for me not missing it, unfortunate for everyone else, as that was a really good lineup.

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