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China 2014 part 10 - Macau


 photo zh1049_zps80e72f0e.jpg

1049. Last dawn.

After repacking -- stuff barely fits, I may need to throw out dead socks to get home -- I got out of the hotel in good order, got breakfast and a last souvenir, and then down to the (non-airconditioned) train station to wait like two hours and drink up a Bud tab.  Something every cooldown.

I left a lot of stuff undone in Guangzhou, mostly due to that wrong turn on Tuesday.  If that was done correctly, I'd've seen the museum and more of the park then, and maybe had the bandwidth to wait out the shipping thing yesterday and go to the game in person rather than watching it from the hotel through the bottom of a San Mig bottle.  However, a lot of it was the explosive rain, and you occasionally just have runs of bad luck, like yesterday afternoon, where there's nothing to do but cut your losses, go home, and wait out the influence of the evil star.  I saw a lot of Guangzhou -- the tower, some of the park, the Hanyue museum, a lot of Zhongshan 6th Road -- but I missed enough to want to come back sometime; sometime when it rains less, or when I have the weather shell that successfully warded off rain in my last stay in HK, which I did not bring this time for space/weight reasons.

Next, Macau, but how "next" it is depends on where the train is routed to.  As a 高铁, it should be going to Zhuhai North, as it was on the prebook form, but both the ticket and the callboard have plain old Zhuhai.  This only makes sense if the old station on the border has been taken out of service and the flag moved north, but China doesn't generally abandon rail stations.  Maybe this is like Qingdao was, where certain high-speed trains are still routed into the old station; maybe I'll have to take a bus.  Regardless, I still have to hike through Macau to the hotel, under a lot more pack than I intended doing it.

Careful reading of the can shows the Bud tab is not cheating; it's brewed under license in Wuhan.  Win.

To some extent, the rather large number of toddlers in Chinese rail transit is an artifact of traveling during the school year; families with school-age children are kind of rooted most of the time, so only people with sub-kindergarten kids are moving around.  Some of it is the law of large numbers.  Some of it, though, is the fact that 2012 was a dragon year, and as such you can expect there to be abnormally more kids between the ages of 16 and 27 months right now than at other times.

 photo zh1050_zps698426e0.jpg

1050. Jars in Guangzhou South.

 photo zh1051_zpsae8eaa1c.jpg

1051. Zhonglish; generally, the Chinese pile existing words together in weird ways rather than making them up, but this is an exception.

- Macau -

The train was to the normal/border station.  From there, I got to the hotel, and then in amid a bunch of caps.

 photo zh1052_zps4bc9558d.jpg

1052. Macau off the tourist track.

 photo zh1053_zpsb587d36b.jpg

1053. Rank of apartments.

 photo zh1054_zpsb85999f3.jpg

1054. Corner of a stairwell.

 photo zh1055_zps3d329fc9.jpg

1055. Across the reservoir into town.

 photo zh1056_zps321e7d76.jpg

1056. More of the north side.

 photo zh1057_zps62a96023.jpg

1057. Lisboa and governor's hill.

 photo zh1058_zps2edad424.jpg

1058. Ship at anchor in the harbor.

 photo zh1059_zpsc3cc76b6.jpg

1059. Grand Prix setup.

 photo zh1060_zpsfe0b3558.jpg

1060. Graceful arches of the harbor bridge.

 photo zh1061_zpsa9d8ed09.jpg

1061. Temple gate detail.

 photo zh1062_zps7136a816.jpg

1062. Casino or something under demolition.  The regeneration is continual.

 photo zh1063_zpsc755ae91.jpg

1063. Mural in an underpass.

 photo zh1064_zps4f4b5d56.jpg

1064. Lisboa complex.

 photo zh1065_zps485f17bd.jpg

1065. Island and tower, across the lake.

1066. (DNCO).

 photo zh1067_zpsceea418f.jpg

1067. New casino, old apartments; far from the only view of this.

 photo zh1068_zps0a4f4349.jpg

1068. Mural on an older hotel.

 photo zh1069_zps1d53d90b.jpg

1069. Wrong guy, the first name's Phillipe.

 photo zh1070_zpsc3eee907.jpg

1070. Back stairs on the hill.

 photo zh1071_zps053b675a.jpg

1071. Faraway Villa, up close.

 photo zh1072_zps401c9302.jpg

1072. The jungle kind of took over this part of the path.

 photo zh1073_zps7636495b.jpg

1073. Along the hill.

 photo zh1074_zps43b4a30f.jpg

1074. Down to the casinos.

 photo zh1075_zps8b590a77.jpg

1075. This parklet; apologies for the clutter, but I couldn't be arsed to move my provisions out of the way to take a picture.

 photo zh1076_zps1019fe85.jpg

1076. Out to some north islands.

 photo zh1077_zpsd22597a7.jpg

1077. The Tree That Ate The Pavement.

 photo zh1078_zps3e6dc21b.jpg

1078. Old colonial house.

 photo zh1079_zpsaa75f6f1.jpg

1079. Hill tower though a plaza sculpture.

 photo zh1080_zpsa2a8c538.jpg

1080. Close traffic circle bronze.

 photo zh1081_zps52a053c0.jpg

1081. The hotel, coming from inland.

I drank too much to go eat either chicken or Macanese, but I've been here before, and need caps more than cuisine.  There's a Fedex office about, but the heli's a bust; I've got breakfast, caps, and lunch tomorrow, and then it's off to the ferry.


Since I don't give up easily, I'm going to check the Fedex office this morning, mainly for a price check.  The helicopter may not be totally out of reach, even with pack up, and I want to make sure that I'm not inadvertently spending more to ship gear home than I would to keep it local.  Mostly, though, I have two supermarkets to check for a Macau Beer -- yesterday got caps from Denmark and goddamned Tasmania, but no locals -- and a little bit of breakfast before the ferry.

 photo zh1082_zpsa22c76c3.jpg

1082. Golden flower, morning rain.

1083. (DNCO).

 photo zh1084_zpsca4aabaf.jpg

1084. More mist, less taxi.

 photo zh1085_zpsf88e94bd.jpg

1085. Art sphere in a driving rain.

 photo zh1086_zpsca135c4a.jpg

1086. Up to the Guia lighthouse.

 photo zh1087_zps63c88530.jpg

1087. Arch, traffic, lashing rain.

 photo zh1088_zpsef7db451.jpg

1088. Carp pond in front of a government building.

v67. Rain on the trees.

 photo zh1089_zpsebfae5b1.jpg

1089. Casino and street.

 photo zh1090_zps31c98205.jpg

1090. The Grand Lisboa, looking especially phallic from this angle.

 photo zh1091_zps1d3df209.jpg

1091. Seriously, if this building wasn't intended to look like a cockanballs, the architect is the best troll ever.

 photo zh1092_zps2b0c4c2e.jpg

1092. Street in front of the Grand Lisboa.

 photo zh1093_zps56bbc5c2.jpg

1093. Wynn and MGM Grand beyond.

 photo zh1094_zpsc7f55cf7.jpg

1094. Traffic circle park.

 photo zh1095_zpsaeb2ef6a.jpg

1095. An invitation sparsely taken.

 photo zh1096_zpsf32a9e84.jpg

1096. Wynn, MGM, and lagoon.

 photo zh1097_zps6f03a4d0.jpg

1097. Bridge north to China.

 photo zh1098_zps5cd48f39.jpg

1098. Proof the lagoon's not dead; leftovers of some bird's dinner.

 photo zh1099_zpsd4a3f1f5.jpg

1099. Lisboa, old and new.

 photo zh1100_zps5eac0496.jpg

1100. Green end to a side street.

 photo zh1101_zpsb630875f.jpg

1101. Greenery across the Av. Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues.

 photo zh1102_zpsb8a68d12.jpg

1102. Banyan does a stepover.

It's my regret to report that Macau Beer is likely extinct in the wild.  I hunted Macau extensively, though not exhaustively, and despite securing 11 caps, more per ground hour than any other city on this trip, even Harbin, I was not able to raise a single can or bottle of this beer.  As late as 2010, it was orderable in restaurants, but it appears at present that Zhujiang, Blue Girl, Carlsberg, and Haizhu have entirely driven it from the market.  Macau is a city worth coming back to, but repeated visits to hunt this cap will probably be in vain.

 photo zh1103_zpscaf22f35.jpg

1103. See, I wasn't lying 4 years ago.

 photo zh1104_zps62c0f0d4.jpg

1104. Ships and standoffs at anchor.

I made the 12:15 ferry by inches, and will trade in my patacas after I get across to HK.  I'm almost done, but I still have to have the energy to tour hard across the estuary.  They're not running tomorrow, not till fucking Sha Tin on Sunday, so my HK time will involve less leisure and more hard push to the max.

 photo zh1105_zps680b2ee2.jpg

1105. The Sands and some of the waterfront.

1106. (DNCO).

 photo zh1107_zps49c31bef.jpg

1107. Not going to collide.  A cat ferry hit a cargo hauler around midnight of the 20th/21st; this was a strong factor in not sticking around Macau late, and making sure I was able to get a ferry out in daylight.

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