Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012: The Final ChapTour - hails and farewells

The summer '12 "tour" (in quotes since it should be also read "go to Party.San, then fart around in Bavaria") has finished successfully, and documentation of such should be up in the coming weeks to month.  In the meantime, thanks are due to the following people, bands and other institutions, in little particular or rational order, who contributed to that success:

Thanks go out to Raüberbande Ostmark (Dennis, Müller, Tjorven (sorry for fucking up your name again), Renate, Haasi, Mischa, Knut, Sven, Gregor, and other folks), Terror Blade and crew (Michael, Sara, Jens, Maite, Bernd, etc), Death Agony and crew (Oliver, Laurent, Pistou, et al), Sam the Ozzie Weegie (where the fuck is your contact info?), Mario and Riccardo for Violent Sun, Max from Rekwi-Fest and anyone else involved with the G.U.C. zine and/or the Metalest Für Krebskranke Kinder, Alex for the third year running, Andi and anyone else we played keg football with, Mehkong Thailand spirits (and anyone else who played along and drank it not listed here), Nice To Eat You Records, Messrs. Brutz and Brakel, as in 2010 the entire island of Ireland (just to be sure, and since this year also includes a couple Narn'ians), Omer again (and I remain not Scots), the cute Army brat from Ft. Hood via Bremen who hooked us up with Gambrinus (and crew), 29er Pils, the Cornish jam smugglers, shots of Nordhausen, the smooth stylings of Helge Schneider, Roax Films and Media, everyone who took CDs/tapes/stickers/promocards/buttons, the KTDF dudes for setting a good example, Hector and Carmen for having a better memory than I do, Red Dwarf and Woods of Ypres for instant freeze-dried life wisdom, Wilhelm Brandenburg - your survival charcuterie, the ever-helpful Deutsche Bahn staff for cardinal direction assistance in Meiningen, the gas station in Sülzfeld, Edeka E-Center Böhland in Mellrichstadt, the Hangover Nürnberg dudes and the old guy with the real-steel gladius on the train to Schweinfurt, Mercure Schweinfurt Maininsel for going well above and beyond the call of duty, Taklamakan (Munich) in particular and Uighur food in general, Gebrechlichkeit, anyone else who gave me stuff who isn't already noted, massively to all the bands who gave me stuff to take over -- whether consciously or not -- and last but not least to anyone I should have thanked but forgot, or who I should have named but was too drunk to remember.

Also, sincerest apologies to anyone who might have been expecting to see me at Summer Breeze, but I got injured too badly on the border hike to regenerate in time.  It may be for years (Russia next year will make festivals difficult), and it may be forever, but we'll meet again one day.

Total disappreesh goes out to Auerbachskeller Leipzig for tablecloths and ripoffs, "Grenzmuseum Eußenhausen" ("sketchy truck turnout Eußenhausen", more like), the bridge down to the Maininsel in Schweinfurt, the unholy intersection of the Bavarian state and the Roman Catholic Church, the Frankfurt U-bahn tariff schedule, and most of all "Hoch Achim" for the 90+-degree weather that made the last week melty and borderline unlivable.

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