Thursday, July 12, 2012

The P.SOA Running Order Is Out And I Have Beef

The running order, as alluded, for Party.San has now been published.  And, as always, there's stuff to nerdrage about.  I like how hard it is to miss Dead Congregation, and that on Saturday I can probably go to bed after Tankard.  But I have no goddamn idea how Ghost Brigade gets to play so late, or why they think it's ok for Rompeprop to play at noon.  There is something really wrong here.  Obviously, someone has to open, but "long-term grindcore legends" seems a bit of a reach to stick in that slot.

On the other hand, I'm bitching about when I get to see Rompeprop, not that they're not playing, so this is ultimately more first-world problems.  Just inside four weeks till boots down in Schlotheim.

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