Friday, August 26, 2011

Suomi Finland Tourkele - index and introduction

This is the trip report for "Suomi Finland Tourkele", the summer 2011 trip hitting various points in Scandinavia, then Wacken and Party.San. It's based on notes made, for the most part, on the spot or shortly after, in the case where sickness, beer, or water damage delayed things, and so there are some inaccuracies that are mostly not corrected for, like always, the "you are there" feel. There are some parts that have been fixed, changed, or touched up, mostly to correct days of the week, cardinal directions, and time slots; anything in a parenthetical aside referring to future events relative to the time discussed was put in later, obviously. This would neither have been possible, nor as fun, without the people on this list; the actual posts in the report are below.

1. Cross The Dark Into The Light (Iceland and arrival in Finland)
2. Kivi, Meri (Suomenlinna and other Helsinki points)
3. It's Time To Cross The Ocean (Helsinki and out to the Baltic)
4. Going To Go Back There Some Day (travel to and city of Stockholm, plus bits from Malmo)
5. For This May Be Our Last Quest (a bit of Copenhagen, but mostly Wacken)
6. How Can I Laugh Tomorrow (Wacken)
7. I'm Never Gonna Shave My Beard (Wacken)
8. Zwey Seele Wohnen Ach! In Meiner Brust (Wacken wrapup and some wasted days in Berlin)
9. Die With A Beer In Your Hand (Party.San)
10. This Is The Song That We Chose To Sing (Party.San, now with actual bands)
11. Heathen Tribes (Party.San)
12. Move On! (Party.San wrapup, coming home, and stats)

If you're mentioned in this narrative, or you think you ran into me and AREN'T mentioned (sorry in advance), or if you were there, at any of these points, and had similar or different experiences, fire in with your story. There are 75,000 or so stories from Wacken this year, and maybe 9 or 10,000 from Party.San; this is just mine, and shouldn't get any special priority for that fact.

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