Friday, November 19, 2010

Party.San moves to Teufelstadt

As per official announcement (announcement comes in English as well, but as usual there is more content in the German version), Party.San is moving locations in 2011. As if Morbid Angel and Negura Bunget were not sufficient inducement to go back, there's also the town that they're moving to, which happens to feature the following crest:

I'm not even kidding. What the hell has this town been doing for the last 500 years that it didn't have its own metalfest already?

On the subject of Euro festivals, PSOA is looking very good, Wacken less so. We'll see if I budge up and do two weeks in the mud next year, or puss out and do only one in order to pile up more time in southeast Asia in the winter. Hong Kong report under development and will be up around the start of next week, probably after notes on the BG concert Sunday.

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