Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Euro tour absolviert

I'm back, and slowly getting everything to the point where tour reports will go up. I suspect they'll show I didn't see as many bands as in previous years, but I still had a hell of a time, passed out every single thing I took over (buttons excepted, but I cleared a bunch of those as well), and hung out with a lot of cool people in the process.

Thanks are due to, in no particular order, Dutch druggies, Greek DIY hosters, Solvi, Mattse and the DORF bunch, the entire island of Ireland, Culto, Maria, Sobo, Paula, Hector, Carmen, and any of the rest of the Salamanca crew that I forgot, German bikers, Dennis and crew, Jesse, Donnie, Max/Mopsi and crew, Oscar and crew (sorry I didn't get your bandname), Susi and Julia, DER KAI!!!, Daniel Mordfest, Nick, Chris and the other Aussies, Paulo, Sara and Michael from Terrorblade, Austrian speedfreaks, Sven from Obscure Mortuary (and Phillip, when he was awake), Katrin and Corinne, the extremely helpful staff at the Hertha fanshop, and of course the bands whose merch I took over and passed out to all these people. If I forgot or misspelled anyone, I apologize; there was a LOT of beer involved, and unlike the reports (hopefully to follow in the next couple days), I wasn't compiling this thankslist live.

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