Monday, June 07, 2010

festivals are go + comparison

Yup, tickets are in, and the solicitation is out on RTTP for people to give me their stuff for export, but there's an important difference. I only ordered my Party.San ticket last Monday, and pretty late at that, so one week chronological turnaround is like lightning. Wacken, by contrast, took most of a month, as a look back at February and March's entries will indicate, largely because it came with all this crap:

The two catalogs and the pile of Burger King coupons weighed so much that they had to send it by parcel post, in bubble wrap, which was ridiculous. It's a fucking ticket, the important part (ticket + invoice) can fit under a single first-class stamp. And that's exactly what the Party.San orgas did, as seen below:

One envelope at standard airmail rates, one ticket, one invoice, one promo card, and less than one week in transit. It's simple, it's faster, and it just plain works.

The natural conclusion is to extrapolate from this, or to infer that this comparison is being put up here for a reason, to associate Wacken with corporate bloat and unnecessary padding and expense, while Party.San is presented as efficient, heads-in-the-right-place, and still living by DIY. Of course, that'd be overreaching; you'd actually have to be on the ground for both festivals to develop that thesis to any degree of rigor.

More importantly, the Party.San ticket still has Koestriker as a main sponsor, so black beer in the morning continues for another year. East Germany, still made of awesome.

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