Monday, March 30, 2009

Every Shirt I: Wacken 2006 Black Stage

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shirt: Wacken:Open:Air 2006 Black Stage
size: XL (EU)
vintage: 2006
provenance: festival

I know that every time I open my mouth, or in this case a text editor, all that comes out is WACKEN WACKEN WACKEN, but this was completely unintentional that this shirt should be the top one on the pile. Serious.

This shirt was, obviously, picked up on site at the '06 festival. While I can see eye to eye with people who buy tour shirts without going to the tour -- maybe it missed their area, or they couldn't get in to the venue it went through -- it's kind of weird to buy a festival shirt without having gone to the festival in question. Especially a shirt like this with the lineup on the back where someone might ask them questions about what certain bands sounded like.

Wacken does a total of 3 lineup shirts per festival: one with everything, and one for each of the True and Black stages, with all the Party and W:E:T stage bands sorted out among them as close as a stylistic fit can be made. I tend to listen to a lot more of the Black Stage and other extreme bands over the True Stage, so I have this shirt, and I think the '07 shirt was Black Stage as well (we'll see when we fecking come to it, won't we?).

Of the bands on the back of this one, in the case that you find me in it without my jacket and want to put me on the spot as above, I saw all or part of the following, as detailed in my posts about the festival from the time:
Celtic Frost
Six Feet Under
Amon Amarth
Arch Enemy
Legion of the Damned
Mystic Circle

I missed Morbid Angel, Soulfly, Apo (ok, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, not everyone knows German pet names for bands with no distro outside the EU), Vried, Aborted, Bloodthorn, Obscenity, Fleshgore, and Transylvanian Beat Club, and I was critically drunk for Finntroll and way back in the beer garden.

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