Friday, February 29, 2008

Negura Bunget (edit: and Cynic) confirmed for Wacken

Yes, you read that right. My eyes nearly jumped out of my head as a result, but this is yet another reason not to miss this year's iteration; even with Kreator, Iron Maiden, Primordial, Carcass, At The Gates, Watain, and a ton of other bands who would be headline-worthy if not for this crop, it was treading near, but this fest is now definitely into quit-your-job-if-they-won't-give-you-leave territory. I've got faith in my employer that it won't come to that, but if it does, much like '05 when I was actually in Germany already and not about to miss Dissection, Kreator, Primordial, and Sentenced, I'll be able to pull the trigger without hesitation.

The cult three (NB, Primordial, and Watain) are all likely to be on the tent stage, but if they're booked against Kreator (likely culprit) or ATG or Carcass, someone is going to get hurt. Hopefully, though, the orgas will be smart and line them up against Unearth and/or Job For A Cowboy, so that such bands can be safely avoided.

Next show is tomorrow at Dodge Street with Cocaine Tongue and MPD if the weather cooperates, and then there's a lot of shows through the rest of March, including a four-day Metal Spring Break stretch at the end of the month. 5 months till W:O:A.....

update: Cynic is now confirmed, and it's the "real" one, not the NWOBHM band that caused a bit of a kickup a few weeks back. Personally, I'd dig seeing this lineup with both Cynic and Cynic (UK) on the bill, just to confuse people. The billing is now crawl-there-if-you-have-to good, and I am damn glad that my ticket is already in my possession.

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