Saturday, January 13, 2007

NaNo books now available

I finally got my ass in gear and put my NaNo books online. Prices are reasonable, but if you really want one and I know you, just drop me a line or an email and I'll send over the PDF.

The dead-tree version is an omnibus combining both, available here: Two Short Novels of Central European Scumbags. Individually, the two said short novels are only available as e-books because neither really tops 100 pages. Both are formatted for DIY printing at the normal 8.5x11 US paper size: Infernal Abduction and Alex Li Gets Over. Note that these have no cover pages, as these just chew up ink cartridges; I wasn't able to do a 'no cover' option.

Darkly Shining Void may be forthcoming; I still haven't decided whether or not to try to seriously get that published for real. Since these are demos, I'll be open to a demo-for-demo swap.

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