Monday, October 23, 2006

my pocket change wants me to go hikkikomori

So I got back from Chinese class on the earliest possible train, got some fast eats, and decided to flip 7 coins to decide whether I drove up to Katatonia or not, because I was tired from getting up at 6AM, still sick (still am, and a show in NH, where they still let you smoke inside, would not have helped) and my feet were hurting. Four heads would have gotten me pointed north, but I flipped 5 tails in a row. Now, as a clear-eyed death metal materialist I know this means nothing, but the superstitious black/viking metal neopagan who still hangs up bizarre wood, bone, leather, and steel fetishes to protect against trolls was not fooled. This was an omen, so I ended up sitting on my couch watching college football (but not Michigan, damn -- "What's happenin' ta mah boys?! Ah can't see what's happenin' ta mah boys!!") and playing some Silkroad.....and getting wasted by stupidly giant tigers.

Now, though, I read through the comments on RTTP, and I'm bummed that I missed out, since it seemed like it was a killer show, and I wouldn't've gotten any flak for leaving before Moonspell went on, if only because it seemed like everyone else did. So much for taking a weekend off. This weekend, Skinless is still going to be a game-time decision (band known for unduly violent pits in a smoky dive an hour and a half away by fastest road? What a great idea for an asthmatic with no working joints after running around Boston all day!), but I'm almost definitely going in to O'Brien's for Swashbuckle and four other thrash bands on Sunday. "Almost" definitely, because if I end up with one or more wrecked joints courtesy of Skinless, it's back to the couch again.

upcoming shows I'm not going to miss under any circumstance:
Celtic Frost (11/4)
Hirax (11/12)
Hypocrisy/Decapitated (11/17) -- Suffocation got ripped off by their bus company, hopefully this will get straightened out and they'll be able to make the tour
Blind Guardian (12/1)

Busy month next; somehow I've got to also find time to write that book, do my Chinese homework, and also all my real work.

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